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Have you ever listened to African Romantic Songs? If not, then you should. They arouse a true spark of love. I have listened to the African romantic songs a couple of times, and for sure, they are attention-grabbing. These songs have very well thought out and structured heart touching lyrics, which praise the beauty of the African woman and depicts the inner feelings of her.

I have written this article along with my American author friend. She introduced me to the beauteous and ethnic African Romantic Songs. Although there are many romantic African lyrics, we have plucked the below five melodically beautiful songs for you. Try them one of these fine days, and you will like them. The English verses are not mere translations.



“African Queen” By 2 BABA Idiba

The writer of this song praises her African queen. He tells her that she lights his world just like the sun lights up the earth. He goes further to praises her bright smile and beauty that has changed his life. According to the poet, the beauty of his queen is enough to make him sing. He concludes by telling her that he will never marry another woman since no other lady can fit her shoes because she is a gift from God.

“Just like the sun lights up the earth, you light up my life
The only one, I’ve ever seen with a smile so bright
And just yesterday, you came around my way
And changed my whole scenery with your astonishing beauty
You’re my African Queen
You take me where I’ve never been
You make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ah”


“Sema Millele” By Gilad


The poet begins by praising his woman for loving him. He tells her that her character clearly shows her love for him. By looking at her eyes, he sees love. In addition, the way she addresses him displays her respect and love for him made him speechless. He promises that he will stay with her all the times because he has realized she was meant for him. The poet concludes by prompting the lady to chant the words Milele, SemaMilele (forever) if she concurs with him.

“Kwa Kweli (In fact) this is my choice
I will be there when you’re dreaming
Nitalla by your side

And when you say Nakupenda (I Love You) I feel it
When you say Tunaweza (We can), I believe it
And if Tuko Pamoja (We are together), baby will you say Milele, Sema Milele (Eternal,  Say forever)”



“Nakupenda Pia” By Wyre ft Alaine

These lyrics praise the good qualities of a potential husband. The author of these lyrics starts by listing out the qualities of the man her lover is looking for. The qualities include faithfulness, love, and gratefulness. So, she is looking for a man who will be faithful and grateful most of the times. She isn’t interested in someone who will inflict pain with pain. The poet appreciates when her lover tells her he isn’t devoid of any of those qualities. The author reciprocates by telling her that she is happy with her and loves her deeply. He goes further to state that what he likes most about her is that she is isn’t interested in looking at his humble background; all she needs is true love.

“Teach me Swahili
I mean really, deeply, completely
You make me wanna say
Nakupenda Pia (I Love You Too)
I mean really, deeply, completely”



“Number One” By Diamond Platnumz Ft Davido

To be loved is a wonderful feeling. God commands us to love one another. In this regard, women ought and like to be loved. The poets of this song demonstrate how men should treat their women or girl-friends. The authors are telling their loved ones that they would like to take them for an outing, in a place where they will breathe fresh air while enjoying a cool breeze with a bottle of Moet. They will also dine special and traditional meals like cooked cassava. As they conclude, the author’s advice the woman to avoid love dramas which might turn their happy life sour. Instead, the woman should embrace and show love.

“Tupate Ubaridi Kidogoo
Tukule Na Ugali Wa Mwogo
Vurugu Patashika Ahh Punguza Kidogoo
Moyoni Usononekapo Kwangu Simanziii
Na Mengine Kadhalika, Mtoto, Si Unanielewa
Mmmh Mwenzako Ntaumia”

(“We Must Have a Little Dream
Raise it with a steam wheel
Violent turmoil lessened slightly
My heart hasn’t forgotten  the torment
And henceforth, baby, don’t understand me
Your friend is a gentleman”)




 “Posa ya Bolingo” By Alicios Theluji

The lyrics of this song are heart touching. They are worthy triggering the spark of love in a couple. In this piece of work, the writer tells her husband how she loves him, and how their love has strengthened and given her hope in difficult moments. She is so grateful to the extent of lacking words to express her gratitude to the husband. All she requests from her husband is faithfulness, trust and sticking with her at all times. She goes further to state that this is God’s commandment as well as the beauty of love.

“Nakolinga Na Ngai, lisuusu Tee
Nakoba Ya Ngai, Motema Tee,
Nakosofa Ya Ngai, Nayomiso Tee

Bapasi Oyo Langisi Ngai, Isilisi Ngaa Na Kusala
Banzela Oyo Lengisi Ngaa, Isilisi Ngaa Posaa
Libaku Oyo Betisi Ngaa, Isilisi Ngaa Posaa
Babutoye Zanga Pongii, Isilisi Ngaa Posaa”

(“I love you no more, never
You’re my breath no more, never
I don’t waste my tears, never

These tragedies have ended up my desires
These ways you pass by have finished my desires
These stumbling blocks causing the loss of love appetite
These nights without sleep have consumed my desires”)

The list can go on and on!! Hope, these African Romantic Songs struck your heart and you’ve added them to your favorite playlist.

Your suggestions are always welcome in the form of comment🙂

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