Gals Empower Thyself

“Take my handful of dream
Already packed in deal free
Dream in which I wanna live in
Lucid in dream, safely facing my fears
Communicating with and understanding
My inner subconscious mind
And constantly bettering
Girls Empower Thyself”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by JohnLiot/CartelPhotos/REX/Shutterstock (4828215k)
The Swarovski-made crystal slipper movie prop from the 2015 Disney film, ‘Cinderella’. Designed by Sandy Powell based on inspirations she received from viewing an original 1890’s shoe at a Northampton shoe museum. The slipper itself is neither left, nor right foot fitting, instead it has been created neutral
Cinderella’s Ball Gown and Glass Slipper to go on display at Port Eliot Festival, St. Germans, Cornwall, Britain – 08 Jun 2015
Cinderella’s ball gown and glass slipper from Disney’s 2015 film are to go on display at the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall.
The shimmering blue gown was created by multi Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell for actress Lily James to wear to the grand palace ball in Disney’s recent live-action feature.
The dress and sparkling glass slipper will be on special display in the blue drawing room throughout this year’s Port Eliot Festival from 30 July-2 Aug.
During the festival, Sandy will also be talking about her Cinderella designs as well as giving an insight into her latest work for ‘Carol’, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

My co-author is a young  talented self empowered girl. She is very ambitious, enthusiastic but polite girl.   I was surprised when she messaged me on women empowerment. She had lots of questions in her mind. I only helped her to pick some cookies from her basket so that she can feed herself!


The topic of women empowerment has created a buzz in every era. First it was silenced but with time it gained respect and no woman was ready to sit back. In this modern world of 21st century women still suffer false allegations and remarks. They have always been taught how to talk, walk, dress, eat and basically do everything. But women are not robots who need commands to be driven, they can very much do anything and however they want. Often mistaken for feminism this department of enhancement is encouraged and equally deprived.


Here is a list of songs by some incredible women who have proved to be the best despite the odds. All the girls and ladies, tune in to taste some empowering music which will instantly make you cheer for every woman out there.



“That’s My Girl” by Fifth Harmony

The all-girls band released this song in September 2016 for the album 7/27. The self-patting lyrics speak for themselves. Every word gives major vibes of girl power and women empowerment. The background music supports the main motives of the song—work hard and be bold. You are stronger than you think and can pick your own stuff when lead down. The beauty of the song is that it encourages you to do something big and lifts the mood immediately.

“You’ve been down before
You’ve been hurt before
you got up before
You’ll be good to go”

Single Ladies(Put a ring on it) by Beyoncé

The song was for Beyoncé’s third album ‘I Am…Sasha’ in 2008. Though the words in the title suggest ‘Single ladies’, it isn’t just addressed to them. The hidden message behind the phrase is that you don’t need a man to support you. Your dance moves could not do justice to the beats of the song but you could not help sway to them. Being an empowered woman herself, Beyoncé has made this song energetic for all the women and their supporters.

“Because you had your turn
And now you gonna learn
What it really feels like to miss me”


“Rockabye” by Clean Bandit ft Anne Marie and Sean Paul

The English band chose Anne Marie as the main singer for this song and included the evergreen rapper Sean Paul. It was released in October 2016 for their upcoming album. The song targets single mothers and describes their struggles. A mother can do anything for her child and that’s exactly what the song beautifies along with very catchy music. Overall, it inspires anyone to adapt the fierceness of a mother in this scary world.

“Lift your head
Lift it up to the sky
Rockabye, don’t bother cry
Angels surround you
Just dry your eye”



“Glass Slipper” by Katherine McNamara 

The actress and singer is a recent addition to the music industry. This is her second single which was released on 4th November 2017 purely to support Girl Up Campaign. The song is for all the fantasizing girls who still believe in fairy tales. It tells you that you are the Cinderella of your story and the prince doesn’t need to bring you the glass slipper because you already have it. Thus, being an inspiration to many. Always believe in yourself as you will achieve the impossible one day and prove every discouraging person wrong.

“There’s a little light
I know it’s in your heart
I see it in your eyes
Yeah, you’re so young”



“Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld

With a charming voice and personality on her side Hailee easily won many hearts through this song. It was released in April of this year for her debut album. The lyrics are dedicated towards the appreciation of all types of girls. No two girls are same but all of them have one thing in common, beauty. Each of them has their own strength, style and flaws but most of them are succeeding in what they do. You can relate to this song if you are ambitious and vigorous.


“Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful
Most girls work hard and go far
We are unstoppable
Most girls, our fight to make every day
No two are the same”



“Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child

This girl group from America released the song in the film Charlie’s Angels in 2000 but later added to the group’s list of albums. It will remain a powerful song from all the time as it binds many eras of music. It clearly gives out the message that women can build-up a life for themselves and need no one’s help for it. If you have forgotten the definition of ‘Independent Women’ then this song will remind you of that.

“All the women who are independent
Throw your hands up at me
All the honeys who making money
Throw your hands up at me
All the mamas who profit dollars
Throw your hands up at me”



“Power” by Little Mix

Another girl band breaking many records on the Billboard Chart released this song in May 2017. It is the fourth single for their album ‘Glory Days’. The band sticking to their agenda sang to the power of women. Powerful women are endgame and they can have everything they want. By nature women population has its own way of winning over. And by any chance you thought of having control over them then sorry people you are wrong, this song will make sure of that.


The list can go on and on but we carefully chose the songs which portray successful women with something meaningful to deliver. We have picked out the title for your next playlist, so make one without any delay. Your suggestions are always welcome so comment 🙂

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