Lyrics are My Heart and Soul

Hey Soul, Should I Start a Blog?

Once, while sitting at a coffee shop and waiting for a friend, my focus went on the background songs. I always had a keen passion for the songs. The songs that have the power to touch the heart and Soul. Songs to me are like the appetite that fills my soul with contentment. They bring out a better version of me every time I hear them. Well, coming back to my experience on that day at the coffee shop, the songs that were being played had rhythm, melody, but no meaningful, touchy lyrics to recall for a long time.


Have you ever wondered why do you listen repeatedly a particular song?

The sole reason behind it is the lyrics it had. People are fond of beautiful lyrics which enrich the soul and mind and touch the deepest cores of the heart. Isn’t it? But the sad part of the today’s music industry is, a maximum number of songs don’t have good lyrics to connect with.


Drafting Simple Songs:

This is the reason why my mind cultivated an idea to draft simple songs.  I wish to make tem not only meaningful, but something with which everyone can relate as well. Once you take an access to you would find how beautiful some of the lyrics have been crafted that they give an insight into deeper feelings of the heart. The lyrics you would find on this trending blog will take you to the voyage of feelings you have for your loved ones. You would find your sentiments become more pronounced.  Then prominent for the person you love and admire in your life. While “Driving Thousands Miles”  and “Feigning Indifference” will showcase how we crave for getting the company of people we love, “Girl Burst into Tears” will tell why it is necessary to pour your heart out in difficult times.


Easy to Hum and Simple to Understand:

The more you indulge into the site the more you would find yourself addicted to the short lyrical songs it endows to the readers.  You may find the lyrics in Hindi, English, Spanish and in other languages along with translation. Some of the songs which have Urdu words in them. I have also provided the meaning for better understanding and relating to it. You would find your feelings being elevated for the person you love. You may take a sneak peak over the short lyrical songs that I have included on the website.  They are easy to hum and simple to understand.  The short songs have their own uniqueness in the present time. They are not just for the entertainment, but for enriching your soul and heart with love and passion.


It’s Not Enough:

Apart from short songs, you would also find some of the interesting articles and videos to ponder upon in I try to inculcate every new and trending news related to the music industry in it. I want my readers to remain updated with the ongoing hearsay and needful information. If you are reading this piece of content, i Know you have the passion for music just like me. So, it’s time to take an access to it. Embrace yourself with some of the most wonderful and amazing songs’ lyrics highlights. I pour my heart out so that the best part of lyrics are plucked out; each of you can get benefited to the core. So let’s celebrate love and life with winsome short songs.