The Top 7 Mesmerizing Old Songs


“Old is gold”, Absolutely! There is no shade of doubt that the old songs always make us sway. When it is a gloomy day, windy day, or when you feel oh-so-much-in-love, you wish to hear the old songs. There was deep meaning in the songs which were composed earlier. In today’s world, the lyrics make no sense!

Speaking of old songs, we have some favorites! We have listed the Top 7 Mesmerizing old songs. These songs never fail to melt our heart. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is unbeatable! How about skimming through the list? If you are a true music fan, you would appreciate the list. Take a quick look!



 Itna Na Mujh Se – Chhaya

“Itna Na Mujhse Tu Pyaar Badha 
Ke Main Ek Badal Awara
Kaise Kisi Ka Sahara Banu
Mai Kudh Beghar Bechara”  ~ Rajendra Krishna (Lyricist)

The music of Salil Choudary Ji is so soothing and it just breaks your heart! The man is trying to tell the woman not to fall deeply in love with him because he cannot commit. The black and white song is heartwarming and the lyrics are deep.

The composition is excellent. If you listen to it carefully, you would be able to relate the music to the Mozart symphony. Talat Mehmood Ji’s voice is mesmerizing in this!



I equally love this Whatsapp and FB viral. Hats off  Chhacha!!!


Abhi Na Jaao – Hum Dono

“Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar,
Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi
Abhi Toh Kuch Kaha Nahi
Abhi Toh Kuch Suna Nahi
Roz Yuhi Jaavogi Toh
Kis Tarah Nibhavogi” ~ Sahir Ludhianvi (Lyricist)

“Haye” is the word that comes to our mind. It is such a romantic song! When you are with your love, time passes and you do not want those moments to end. You feel like you want to be with them forever! The magic of love, you know!

The music of Jaidev Ji is sweet, Mohammad Rafi Sahab (Dev Anand) and Asha Di (Sadhana) have done justice to the song! In old times, the songs were innocently simple.




Pukarta Chala – Mere Sanam

“Bas Ek Chaanv Zulf Ki
Bas Ek Nigha Pyaar Ki
Pukaar Tha Chala Hoon Mein
Koi Toh Mudke Dekh Lega Iss Taraf
Koi Nazar Toh Hogi Mere Naam Ki”  ~ Majrooh Sultanpuri (Lyricist)

Rafi sahab ki awaaz itni pyaari hai! Dil ko choo jaati hai OP Nayyar Ji Ki music!

There is someone for everyone in this world! “Koi Nazar Toh Hogi Mere Naam Ki” Absolutely! There would be someone, who would look at you and say, “Yes, this is my companion for life…”

You just have to wait for love to come to you. God has made someone for everyone. THAT is the crux of this song. Isn’t it beautiful? The lyrics are beautiful and the voice goes straight to your heart. It is one of our favorite songs!



Ajeeb Dastan – Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai

“Kaha Shuru Kaha Katam
Yeh Manzile Hai Kaunu Si
Nah Woh Samaj Sake Nah Hum” ~ Shailendra(Lyricist)

As you can see the lyrics, it is a song for those, who have experienced unfulfilled love. Sometimes you are with someone for many years and they leave you for another person. It could be circumstances or they were never yours. This is the harsh reality of life! Some people do not belong to us and we should accept it and move on.


Dekho Kasam Se – Tumsa Nahin Dekha

This is a super hit song from an old movie called Tumsa Nahin Dekha. A black and white song which melts your heart, it is playful and the video is beautifully shot.
Asha Bhosle’s voice is chirpy, happy, and beautiful. How about singing it for your beloved? It is a rare O P Nayyar song.

“Jaate Ho Toh Jao, Chalet Hai Hum Bhi…
Aao Na Aao, Ab Nahi Hai Gum Bhi…”

If you want to trouble your love then sing this song for him!


Yeh Sama HaiJab Jab Phool Khile

Ah! This beautiful song always melts our heart. It is the most beautiful romantic song. How about singing it for your honey?

“Basne Lage Aankhon Mei Kuch Aise Sapne

Koi Bulaye Jese Naino Se Apne…”  ~  Anand Bakshi (Lyricist)

It is ideal for those, who are in love for the first time or who are deeply in love. It is perfect for lovers from all over the world!




Khoya khoya Chaand- Kala Bazaar

“Hum Mitt Gaye Hai Jinke Liye, Bin Kuch Kahe Woh Chupp Chupp Rahe… Koi Zara Ye Unse Kahe!”

Isn’t this a beautiful song? We personally love the music of the song. Yes, the voice is mesmerizing and the way it sounds,


“Ankhon Mei Saari Raat Jayegi

Tumko Bhi Kaise Neend Aayegi…”  ~ Shailendra (Lyricist)



It gives such a happy feeling!

All the above-mentioned songs have deep meaning and mixed emotions. Are you happy in love? Have you started enjoying loneliness? Well, all the songs mentioned above are ideal for different situations. Put on your earphones and start listening to them now! 🙂

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