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“Unspoken yet but still expressed love” is Secret Love. It’s never our choice to fall for anyone, the destiny which leads us there. When two people live, laugh and lie together its called friendship.  Later, this feeling of togetherness turns into the most important feeling of the world. But they never know when this friendship will turn into love. Love is wonderful even when it’s unspoken.

Today, here and now, we are sharing the playlist of the most sensible, heart-touching, and relatable Secret Love songs that throw light on the beauty of unspoken love.

Sapna Jahan – Brothers

This Secret Love song is carved with the melodious voice of Neeti Mohan and Sonu Nigam. The beautiful extra-ordinary lyrics are penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The song well suited for the love chemistry exhibited between Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshay Kumar in the movie Brother.

“Sapna Jahan Dastak Na De
Chaukhat Thi Woh Aankhein Meri
Baaton Se Thi Tadad* Mein
Khamoshiyan Zyaada Meri”

“Dream where doesn’t knock
That Doorstep was My Eyes
In the Conversation
Amount of my silence was more”

(Tadad* = Amount)


Itni Si Baat Hai – Azhar

‘Itni Si Baat Hai’ is a heart touching Secret Love song and its lyrics are clearly expressing the bond between two individuals. This song is sung by the man whose voice is the new soul of love songs. It’s none other than ‘Arijit Singh’ and followed by ‘Antra Mishra’. This track is written by ‘Manoj Yadav’ and composed by ‘Pritam’. This is the second song of the movie ‘Azhar’ which created its own name in the list of best songs of the year. ‘Itni Si Baat Ha’ was covered by Dhaval Kothari later on.

“Tere Dar Pe Aake Tham Gaye
Naina Namazi Ban Gaye
Ik Dooje Mein Yun Dhalke
Aashiq Anayat Ban Gaye
Main Aur Tum”



Kuch Toh Hai – Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

This Secret Love song is sung by the king of romantic songs ‘Armaan Malik’, penned by ‘Manoj Muntashir’, and ‘Amal Malik’ composed the song. This song totally agrees with the theme ‘ silent love’. The lyrics of the song are clearly projecting the viewpoint of the writer as a person. He is starting to fall in love with a person, knowing that where it leads but couldn’t help it.


“Kuch Toh Hai Jo
Dil Ghabraaye
Kuch Toh Hai Jo
Saans Na Aaye
Kuch Toh Hai Jo
Hum Honthon Se
Kehte Kehte Keh Naa Paaye”


Haan Hasi Ban Gae – Hamari Adhuri Kahani 

Shreya Ghosal had made this song ‘Haan Hasi Ban Gae’ a chartbuster by contributing her magical voice. The words of this song are penned by Kunal Verma and music is composed by Ajay and Atul.  Lyrics of this song can give goosebumps to anybody and you may end up with tears. A demonstration of the creative use of words is shown by Kunal Verma.

Please listen to the female version of it, sung by Shreya Di, Sony Music India.



Sun Sathiya- ABCD2

Shraddha has shown her superb dancing skills on the screen through this Song. ‘Sun Sathiya’ has broken many records. The music composers Sachin and Jigar have demonstrated a proper explanation of ‘unspoken yet but still expressed love’. Priya Saraiya and Divya Kumar have carved this song with their choco-smooth voices.

“Barsa De Ishqa Geet
Mai Reat Si Boond Ka Zariyaa Tu
Paa Ke Tujhe Beegh Jaavungi Re..”



Manwa Laage Re – Happy New Year

‘Manwa Laage Re’ has maintained its top position in the Bollywood music for more than a year. Vishal-Shekhar poured some Indian tastemaker into the song by using the words Like ‘Manwa Laage’. Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghosal have carved this song with their soulful voices. Irshad Kamil penned this amazing Secret Love song and he won the award for the best lyricist. The song says about the hidden feelings of a girl(Deepika Padukone) for a boy(Shahrukh Khan).

“Tu Ne Baat Koli
Kacche Dago Mein Piroli
Baaton Ki Rangoli Se
Na Khelo Aise Holi…

Khule Kwabomein
Jeete Hai Re Baware…

Musafir Hun Mai Door Ka…”


I have written this article along with cutest author friend.  She got a wonderful pair of ears, lovely heart and she is another Ginnie of playlists.  Nice photograph by Kevin Cloney.

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